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  SK3741 AF Power Output IC  - Replaces STK437 and STK439
SK3741 - replaces Sanyo STK 437 and STK 439

1 in stock, ready to ship

Dress Nut for 15/32-32 Threaded Switches
Switchcraft P-2417 Dress/Décor nut for 15/32-32 Threaded Bushings

38 in stock, ready to ship

  Panel Mount Watertight Lampholder with RED lens
Dialight 124-0410-0111-203 Panel Mount Indicator with Red Lens

33 in stock, ready to ship

      (Pkg of 3) 4.7uF 25V Dipped Radial Tantalum Capacitor
4.7uF 25V Dipped Radial Tantalum Capacitors

53 in stock, ready to ship

TL431 Programmable voltage reference
TL431 (TL431CLP) Texas Instruments TO-92 Precision Programmable shunt voltage reference

212 in stock, ready to ship


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Bridge and Full Wave Rectifiers
Bridge and Full Wave Rectifiers
We stock a variety of industry-numbered Full Wave and Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers. Don't see it? Contact us to see if we have an equivalent!
Ceramic, Film, Electrolytic, and Variable Capacitors
Ceramic Disc Capacitors    Dipped Silver Mica Capacitors    Electrolytic Capacitors    Orange Drop Capacitors    Film Capacitors    Radial "Box" Capacitors    Molded Monolithic and Multilayer Capacitors     Polystyrene Capacitors    Precision Capacitors    Surface Mount Capacitors    Tantalum Capacitors    Miscellaneous Capacitors   
Coils and Transformers
We stock a variety of inductive devices.
Audio and Signal Transformers    Coils and Chokes    Power and Filament Transformers    Pulse Transformers   
Communication Parts
General Electric and Motorola Communication (C&E) Parts
GE Communications Semiconductors    Motorola Communication Diodes    Motorola Communication Integrated Circuits/ICs    Motorola Communication Transistors and Thyristors   
Connectors, Plugs and Sockets
We stock a wide variety of connectors.
Audio Connectors    Transistor / IC Sockets and Mounting Hardware    Tube and Relay Sockets    Card Edge Connectors    AC Power Connectors    DC power Connectors    DIP IC Sockets    Banana Jacks and Plugs    Binding Posts    Tip Jacks and Plugs    SIP and DIP Headers    Test Points and PCB Pins    Battery Clips and Mounts    Nylon Connectors - Molex and AMP    Wire to Board Connectors    Terminal Strips    D Sub Connectors    Feed Thru Connectors   
Crystals and Oscillators
We stock a large variety of diodes - zeners, rectifiers, reference diodes, and transient suppressor diodes. Don't see it? Contact us to see if we have it in our offline stock.
1N (JEDEC American) Diodes and Rectifiers    House Numbered Diodes    Germanium Diodes    Schottky Diodes    Zener Diodes   
All are new and unused!
Ferrites and EMI Filters
Fuses and Fuseholders
We stock a variety of cartridge, through-hole and surface mount fuses.
Fuses     Panel Mount Fuseholders    Fuse Blocks and Fuse Clips    Circuit Breakers   
FX favorites
Spacers and Standoffs    Standoff Terminals and Stud terminals    Pressfit Terminals, Standoffs and Feedthroughs    Solder Terminals    Brackets    Instrument Handles    Clamps    Feet    Shaft Hardware    Cabinet Latches    Screws    Washers    Nuts    Thumbscrews    Grommets    Hole Plugs   
Heat Sinks
We stock a wide variety of transistor and IC heat sinks.
Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuits
We stock an extensive inventory of ICs.
Japanese ICs    STK-STR ICs, Regulators and Hybrid Modules    Linear Integrated Circuits    Digital ICs    Miscellaneous Integrated Circuits   
We stock a variety of knobs for slide and rotary potentiometers and switches
Meters (Panel)
Panel Meters from a variety of manufacturers.
Optoelectronics - LEDs - Lamps
LEDs    Lamps and Bulbs    Cartridge Lamps    Optocouplers / Optoisolators / Photomods    Lampholders and Panel Indicators    Phototransistors    Photocells   
Potentiometers, Trimmers, and Rheostats
Panel Mount Potentiometers    Multi-turn Precision Panel Mount Potentiometers    Single Turn Trimmer Potentiometers    Multi-turn Trimmer Potentiometers    Rheostats   
Relays and Flashers
General Purpose Relays    Time Delay Relays    Hermetically Sealed and Military Relays    Industrial and Vintage Relays and Controls    
Replacement Semiconductors
Replacement Semiconductors
We offer 6000+ NTE, ECG, SK, GE and HEP replacement devices.
ECG    ECG Transistors FETs SCRs and Triacs    ECG Diodes - Signal - Rectifier - Schottky    ECG Zener Diodes    ECG Replacement Integrated Circuits    NTE    NTE Replacement Transistors JFETs SCRs Triacs    NTE Replacement Diodes    NTE Replacement Zener Diodes     NTE Replacement Integrated Circuits ICs    GE Replacement Transistors JFETs SCRs Triacs    GE Replacement Diodes - Zener - Schottky - HV    GE Replacement Integrated Circuits ICs    GE Miscellaneous    Motorola HEP Transistors - SCRs     Motorola HEP Diodes - Rectifier - Zener - LEDs    Motorola HEP Integrated Circuits ICs    RCA-Thomson SK Series    SK Replacement Transistors FETs and MOSFETs    SK Replacement Diodes and Rectifiers    SK Replacement Thyristors    SK Replacement ICs    Miscellaneous SK Replacement Devices   
Carbon Film Resistors    More Carbon Film Resistors    Carbon Composition Resistors    1/2 Watt Deposited Carbon Resistors    Precision Metal Film Resistors    Metal Oxide and Flameproof Resistors    Power Resistors    Surface Mount (SMD / SMT) Resistors     Resistor Networks    Miscellaneous / Unique Resistors   
RF Connectors
RF Adapters    BNC Connectors - Plugs and Jacks    TNC Connectors    Twinax/Triax Connectors    N Connectors    SMA Connectors    Terminations   
RF Parts
We stock a limited selection of RF components - Crystals, Filters, Relays and more.
RF Transistors    RF Diodes and Varactors    RF ICs and Hybrids   
Solderless Crimp Terminals
DIP, Lever, Push, Rocker, Rotary, Senisitive, Slide, and Toggle Switches
Miniature and Sub-Miniature Toggle Switches    Standard Toggle Switches    Pushbutton Switches    Tactile Switches    Rotary Switches    Snap Action Switches    Rocker Switches    Miniature Rocker Switches    Slide Switches    Miscellaneous Switches    Switch Accessories   
Terminal Blocks and Boards
Terminal Blocks    Terminal Boards   
Test Equipment Parts
We have a vast stock of test original test equipment parts for HP/Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke, and others. We are not an authorized parts distributor for any manufacturer.
Fluke Repair Parts    General Radio Parts    HP - Agilent Parts    Simpson Parts    Tektronix Parts    Wavetek Parts    Other Manufacturers   
Test Probes and Accessories
Test Probes, Adapters, Clips and Cables
Thermistors and Varistors
Varistors and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)    Thermistors   
Tools and Service Aids
Transistors, FETs and Thyristors
Transistors, FETs and Thyristors
We stock a wide variety of Transistors, FETs MOSFETS, and Thyristors.
2N (JEDEC American) Transistors and SCRs    3N (JEDEC American) FETs and MOSFETs    JFETs - ALL    House Numbered Transistors and Thyristors    Japanese Transistors (2SA)    Japanese Transistors (2SB)    Japanese Transistors (2SC)    Japanese Transistors (2SD)    Japanese FETs and MOSFETS (2SK, 3SK)    Miscellaneous Japanese Devices   
TV Replacement Parts
We have a small stock of older vintage TV parts for sets manufactured before 2002. We have RCA, GE and Zenith parts. *SORRY, NO PROJECTION, LCD, or PLASMA parts!* We are not a distributor far any manufacturer.
RCA OEM Replacement Parts    Radio and TV Replacement Coils and Transformers    Zenith OEM TV and Radio Parts    Sony Vintage TV Parts    Workman Replacement Thermistors and Varistors    SAMS Photofact Folder Service   
Voltage Regulators and References
Voltage Regulators and References
Fixed and Adjustable Voltage Regulators and References. We have many types in stock!
Positive Voltage Regulators    Negative Voltage Regulators    Voltage References   
Magnet and Hookup Wire


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