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 ECG100 PNP Germanium TO-5 Case Transistor (BULK)
Item Details
 ECG100 PNP Germanium TO-5 Case Transistor (BULK)
Item Name:
ECG100 PNP Germanium TO-5 Case Transistor (BULK)
Item #:
NTE Equivalent
Replacement Semiconductor, TO-5, PNP Germanium, AF amp.  Bulk, from distributor kit. 

Replaces 2N111, 2N111A, 2N112A, 2N113, 2N114, 2N1171, 2N1176, 2N1176A, 2N1176B, 2N1185, 2N1186, 2N1187, 2N1188, 2N1204, 2N1204A, 2N123, 2N1264, 2N1265/5, 2N1280, 2N1281, 2N1284, 2N1290, 2N1309, 2N1316, 2N1317, 2N1318, 2N1319, 2N1343, 2N1344, 2N1345, 2N1346, 2N1347, 2N1349, 2N135, 2N1350, 2N1351, 2N1354, 2N1355, 2N1356, 2N1357, 2N136, 2N1361, 2N137, 2N1393, 2N1395, 2N1469, 2N1470, 2N1471, 2N1570, 2N1581, 2N1583, 2N1584, 2N1664, 2N1683, 2N1684, 2N1729, 2N1731, 2N1744, 2N1853, 2N1940, 2N1942, 2N1997, 2N1998, 2N2171, 2N2172, 2N2209, 2N249, 2N262, 2N27, 2N270SM, 2N271, 2N271A, 2N273, 2N2930, 2N2966, 2N30, 2N302, 2N3075, 2N308, 2N309, 2N31, 2N311, 2N315, 2N315A, 2N315B, 2N317, 2N317A, 2N394, 2N394A, 2N395, 2N396, 2N396A, 2N397, 2N413, 2N413A, 2N414, 2N414A, 2N414B, 2N414C, 2N415, 2N415A, 2N416, 2N417, 2N426, 2N427, 2N428, 2N428A, 2N438A, 2N439A, 2N440A, 2N450, 2N481, 2N482, 2N483, 2N483-B, 2N484, 2N485, 2N486, 2N486B, 2N503, 2N505, 2N518, 2N519, 2N519A, 2N520, 2N5201, 2N520A, 2N521, 2N521A, 2N522, 2N522A, 2N523, 2N523A, 2N529, 2N530, 2N531, 2N532, 2N533, 2N571, 2N572, 2N578, 2N579, 2N580, 2N581, 2N582, 2N586, 2N592, 2N593, 2N597, 2N599, 2N600, 2N614, 2N615, 2N616, 2N617, 2N674, 2N801, 2N802, 2N809, 2N810, 2N811, 2N812, 2N83, 2NJ5A, 2NJ6, 2NJ8A, 2S111, 2S12, 2S13, 2S155, 2S159, 2S167, 2S174, 2S178, 2S25, 2S30, 2S31, 2S3187, 2S3324, 2S45, 2S49, 2S51, 2S52, 2S53, 2S60, 2S91, 2S92, 2S92A, 2S93, 2S93A, 2SA146, 2SA147, 2SA148, 2SA149, 2SA160, 2SA167, 2SA168, 2SA168A, 2SA169, 2SA170, 2SA171, 2SA172, 2SA172A, 2SA182, 2SA198, 2SA204, 2SA205, 2SA206, 2SA207, 2SA208, 2SA209, 2SA210, 2SA211, 2SA212, 2SA217, 2SA248, 2SA277, 2SA278, 2SA279, 2SA280D, 2SA282, 2SA283, 2SA284, 2SA305, 2SA31, 2SA311, 2SA312, 2SA322K, 2SA330, 2SA332, 2SA414, 2SA415, 2SA44, 2SB103, 2SB104, 2SB290, 2SB291, 2SB292, 2SB292A, 2SB314, 2SB3244, 2SB387, 2SB392, 2SB393, 2SB394, 2SB395, 2SB396, 2SB401, 2SB402, 2SB403, 2SB408, 2SB409, 2SB416, 2SB417, 2SB7513, 2SC764 and many others

13 in stock, ready to ship
Replaces 2N30,  2N111, 2N111A, 2N112A, 2N113, 2N114, 2SB401, 2SB402, 121-14, 121-53, 121-80, 121-81, 121-82, 121-83, 121-84, 121-85, 121-86, 121-87, 121-88, 121-89, 121-90, 121-91, 121-92, 121-93, 121-94, 121-128, 121-145, 121-146



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