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  820uF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Nichicon 820 uF, 25VDC 105 Degree Radial Capacitor

294 in stock, ready to ship

2N5089 NPN Silicon Low Noise Transistor
NPN Transistor in a TO-92 case

442 in stock, ready to ship

NE5532AP Dual Low-Noise Op Amps for Audio
NE5532 Dual Op Amp in a 8-pin DIP

73 in stock, ready to ship

MJE181 Transistor
Transistor, TO-126, NPN Silicon

100 in stock, ready to ship

 3300uF 25V Snap-in Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
3300 uF, 25VDC Radial Snap-in Capacitor

183 in stock, ready to ship

 .1uF/ 600VDC Sprague Orange Drop radial film capacitor
Sprague Vishay 715P .1uF/600VDC radial film capacitor

147 in stock, ready to ship

     Dual USB Jack (Pkg of 2)
Foxconn Right Angle PC Mount Stacked USB Jacks

110 in stock, ready to ship

2N5088 NPN Silicon Transistor
NPN Silicon Transistor

3 in stock, ready to ship

400 Ohm 20 Watt Clarostat Tubular Power Resistor
Leaded Tubular Resistor, 400 Ohm 20 Watt

31 in stock, ready to ship

  20K Ohms Single Turn Trimmer
Tocos L20B203M Vertical Trimmer Potentiometer

890 in stock, ready to ship

MPS3638 PNP Silicon Transistor
PNP Switching Transistor in a TO-92 case, same specs as 2N3638

4004 in stock, ready to ship

0.75" Long 4-40 Threaded Hex Standoff, .250"
Keystone 1450D Zinc Plated Brass Standoff

250 in stock, ready to ship

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