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 Double Turret Insulated Standoff with Diallyl Phthalate Insulator and 4-40 mount
Insulated Standoff Terminal - tin plated

48 in stock, ready to ship

2 X 3  RCA Jacks - Red/White/Yellow
6 RCA Jacks - PC Mount

396 in stock, ready to ship

1N5406 600V 3A Axial Lead Rectifier Diode - 8 pack
1N5406 600 Volt 3 Ampere Axial Rectifier

30 in stock, ready to ship

   1/8 Watt Carbon Film Resistor - 5% *100 Pack*
0.125 Watt Resistors - 100 PACK

9999 in stock, ready to ship

 Telescopic Antenna for Portable Radios
7 Section Extendable Antenna

11 in stock, ready to ship

   .01uF/ 600VDC Orange Drop radial capacitor
.01uF/600VDC SBE 715P Orange Drop radial capacitor

1 in stock, ready to ship

   0.047uF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor - 12 pack
0.047 uF, 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor, 1/4" Leads - 12 PACK

28 in stock, ready to ship

 1500uF  6.3V Surface Mount Electrolytic Capacitor
Sanyo CV-AX Series 1500 uF, 6.3VDC Motherboard Capacitor

104 in stock, ready to ship

ST2 Diac Bi-directional Trigger Device
ST2 Axial Diac

277 in stock, ready to ship

TL431 Programmable voltage reference
TL431 (TL431CLP) Texas Instruments TO-92 Precision Programmable shunt voltage reference

212 in stock, ready to ship

   NTE74HC132 Quad 2-input NAND IC
High Speed CMOS IC - Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger

100 in stock, ready to ship

 .1uF/250V radial film capacitor - 5 PACK
Illinois Capacitor .1uF/250VDC radial film capacitor - 5 pack

1397 in stock, ready to ship

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