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7500 ohm 12 Watts Mallory Tubular Power Resistor
Leaded Tubular Resistor, 7500 ohm 12 Watts
Available: 45 in Stock

1N4148 Small Signal Silicon Switching Diode
1N4148 Switching Diode 100V 200mA
Available: 14710 in Stock

911X24E260YP14 26 Ohm PTC Thermistor
TDK 911X24E260YP14 Thermistor
Available: 909 in Stock

Alps DSS Satellite Tuner
ALPS BSRU6-101A DSS Satellite Tuner
Available: 70 in Stock

Black Mil Pointer Knob MS91528-01PB for .125" shafts
Raytheon Black Military Knob for .125" shafts
Available: 5 in Stock

DPST Pushbutton On-Off Switch Omron A2C-2A5
Omron A2C-2A5 5A On-Off Push Switch, Panel Mount
Available: 90 in Stock

SG-150 SG150 Surge Guard Thermistor
2.5 ohms cold, 10A maximum load
Available: 972 in Stock

  3 pin Transistor Socket
3 Pin Transistor Socket
Available: 39 in Stock

  820uF 50V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Panasonic 820 uF, 50VDC 105 Degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 23 in Stock

Hex Nut for 15/32-32 Threaded Switches
15/32-32 Hex Nut
Available: 94 in Stock

.47uF/400VDC radial film capacitor
.47uF / 400VDC radial film capacitor
Available: 415 in Stock

1N3024B 15 Volt 1 Watt Zener  Diode
1N3024B Zener Diode
Available: 409 in Stock


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