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1.562" Long 4-40 Threaded Hex Standoff, 0.1875"
1-9/16" Lyn-Tron 4-40 Threaded Steel Hex Standoff
Available: 104 in Stock

1N5817 20V 1A Schottky Rectifier Diode
1N5817 20 Volt Schottky Diode
Available: 1404 in Stock

2322 662 93114 232266293114 10 Ohm Thermistor
BC Components 10 Ohm PTC Thermistor
Available: 776 in Stock

   180uH Radial Bobbin Inductor (Pkg of 3)
180uH Radial Choke Coils
Available: 37 in Stock

   47uF  16V Radial High Temp Electrolytic Capacitor
Nichicon 47 uF, 16VDC 105 degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 3062 in Stock

  20K Ohms Single Turn Trimmer
Tocos L20B203M Vertical Trimmer Potentiometer
Available: 890 in Stock

.47uF/400VDC radial film capacitor
.47uF / 400VDC radial film capacitor
Available: 396 in Stock

  820uF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Panasonic 820 uF, 25VDC 105 Degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 185 in Stock

 Hakko 900S-T-1.2D Tip for Hakko 702B/928/936/937
1.2mm Screwdriver Tip for Hakko Irons 702B 928 936 937
Available: 8 in Stock

  680uF  16V  Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Panasonic 680 uF, 16VDC 105 degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 144 in Stock

  330uF   6.3V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Panasonic 330 uF, 6.3VDC 105 Degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 546 in Stock

  100 uf  50V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
100uF, 50VDC Radial Capacitor
Available: 47 in Stock

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