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.033uF/ 160VDC axial film capacitor
TRW Quality, 1% tolerance, full leads, NEW!
Available: 887 in Stock

2N4124 NPN Transistor
NPN Silicon Transistor - TO-92 Case
Available: 941 in Stock

 470 Ohms RLR07C4700GS Precision Metal Film Resistor
1/4 watt Metal Film Resistor, 470 Ohms
Available: 4778 in Stock

  50K Ohms Single Turn Trimmer
BI Technologies 50K Top Adjust Single Turn Trimmer
Available: 297 in Stock

1 Farad 5.5V MaxCap Radial Double Layer Electrolytic Capacitor
Kanthal-Globar 1F 5.5V Double Layer Capacitor
Available: 46 in Stock

2N2907A PNP Silicon Transistor
PNP Silicon Transistor, quantity discounts
Available: 2731 in Stock

  50 Volt DC Panel Meter
2.25", Ear mount, Versatile!
Available: 10 in Stock

 4700pf 1000V Ceramic Disc Capacitor
4700 pF, 1KV Ceramic Disc Capacitor
Available: 1765 in Stock

.022uF/ 400VDC radial polypropylene film capacitor
Panasonic quality - Popular value for tube/valve electronics!
Available: 376 in Stock

MJE181 Transistor
Transistor, TO-126, NPN Silicon
Available: 100 in Stock

    3.3uH Axial Lead Inductor
3.3uH Choke Coil
Available: 588 in Stock

   47uH Axial Lead Inductor
47 uH Choke Coil
Available: 2996 in Stock

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