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  220uF  35V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor PC Leads
220 uF, 35VDC 105 degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 228 in Stock

 Military Blue Tactile Knob MS91528-2N2B1
Blue Military Tactile Knob for .250" shafts
Out of Stock

0.047uF 100V X7R Ceramic Capacitor
Erie RedCap .047 uF Ceramic Capacitor
Available: 30 in Stock

2SD1763A NPN Power Transistor
160V NPN Power Transistor
Available: 172 in Stock

MPSA13 NPN Darlington Transistor
Transistor, TO-92, NPN Darlington
Available: 3930 in Stock

KBU4M Bridge Rectifier
4 Amp 1000V Bridge Rectifier
Available: 33 in Stock

 1.0uF/200VDC axial film capacitor
TRW 1.0uF/200VDC axial film capacitor
Available: 101 in Stock

 1200uF  6.3V Radial Electrolytic High Temp Motherboard Capacitor
Panasonic 1200uF 6.3 Volt 105 Degree Electrolytic
Available: 355 in Stock

  4/10 A 125V Micro Fuse Littelfuse 273.400
Littlefuse 273.400 Micro Fuse
Available: 77 in Stock

1N4733A 5.1V 1 Watt Zener Diode
1N4733A 5.1V 1 Watt Zener Diode
Available: 1080 in Stock

  .12uF / 400VDC radial film box capacitor
.12uF/400VDC radial film capacitor
Available: 1412 in Stock

KSA992 PNP Silicon Transistor
KSA992-F PNP 120V 50mA Silicon Transistor
Available: 197 in Stock

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