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   47uF  25V  Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Nichicon 47 uF, 25VDC 105 Degree Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Available: 6879 in Stock

     1500pF Bushing Style Feedthru Capacitor
Tusonix 4205-001 250V 1500pf EMI Filter
Available: 406 in Stock

 .1uF/100VDC radial film capacitor
Samsung .1uF/100VDC radial film capacitor with PC leads
Available: 1771 in Stock

.0040uF / 10KV Axial Film Capacitor
Sprague High Voltage Capacitor
Available: 11 in Stock

Dual 3AG/3AB/AGC Fuse Block
Littelfuse 354802-GY Fuse Block with 1/4" QC terminals
Available: 275 in Stock

MBR360 3A 60V Schottky Rectifier Diode
MBR360 Schottky Rectifier
Available: 3023 in Stock

  820uF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Panasonic 820 uF, 25VDC 105 Degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 207 in Stock

BAT41 Small Signal Schottky Diode
BAT41 100V Schottky Rectifier
Available: 3880 in Stock

Skirted Knob for .250" Shafts - Raytheon 407-D2-K7
Gray knob with index for .250" shafts
Available: 5 in Stock

1 MegOhm Clarostat Potentiometer
1 MegOhm Panel Mount Potentiometer
Available: 28 in Stock

    6.8uH Axial Lead Power Inductor
6.8uH Choke Coil 11A
Available: 971 in Stock

   1K Ohms Single Turn Trimmer
Murata RVG1214H102A-10-102M 1K Vertical Trimmer
Available: 245 in Stock

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