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2 X 3  RCA Jacks - Red/White/Yellow
6 RCA Jacks - PC Mount
Available: 396 in Stock

LM313H Reference Diode - Back in stock!
National Reference Diode in a Metal Can Package
Available: 9 in Stock

MPSA12 NPN Darlington Transistor
Transistor, TO-92, NPN Darlington
Available: 191 in Stock

    TDK ANF-106U Plug-In 6A EMI Filter
TDK ANF-106U Grounded EMI Filter - UL Listed
Available: 52 in Stock

   .047uF / 275VAC X2 rated radial film box capacitor
High Quality across-the line X2 rated capacitor
Available: 1772 in Stock

 1000pf 3KV Ceramic Disc Capacitor
1000 pF, 3000V Ceramic Disc Capacitor
Available: 858 in Stock

   5K Ohms Single Turn Trimmer
Piher N6L30T3N-502 Horizontal Trimmer
Available: 1185 in Stock

  330uF   6.3V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
Panasonic 330 uF, 6.3VDC 105 Degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 565 in Stock

 3 Position Single Pole Subminiature Rotary Switch
ITW 030-303-018 Subminiature Rotary Switch in a TO-5 case
Available: 415 in Stock

  680uF   6.3V  Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
United Chemicon 680 uF, 6.3VDC 105 degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 739 in Stock

           Solder lug / terminal 0.72" length - #6 screw size
Solder plated internal tooth lock terminal
Available: 407 in Stock

    6.8uH Axial Lead Power Inductor
6.8uH Choke Coil 11A
Available: 973 in Stock


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