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Skirted Knob for .250" Shafts - Raytheon 407-D2-K7
Gray knob with index for .250" shafts
Available: 5 in Stock

   DPDT Momentary Pushbutton Switch  Schadow
Schadow DPDT PC Mount MOMENTARY switch
Out of Stock

30 ohm 5 Watt Ohmite Axial Power Resistor
Axial Wirewound Resistor, 30 ohm 5 Watt
Available: 240 in Stock

 Raytheon MS91528-4S2B Crank Knob for 0.250" Shafts
Raytheon 175-6-2G Crank knob for .250" shafts
Out of Stock

1.75" Long 6-32 Threaded Round Standoff, .250"
Abbatron 8244 Nickel Plated Brass Standoff
Available: 182 in Stock

0.01uf  50V 10% Coated Ceramic Axial Lead Capacitor
AVX SA105C103KAA .01uF, 50V Capacitor
Available: 9940 in Stock

 .1uF/ 600VDC Sprague Orange Drop radial film capacitor
Sprague Vishay 715P .1uF/600VDC radial film capacitor
Available: 172 in Stock

 .1uF/250VDC radial film capacitor
Illinois Capacitor .1uF/250VDC radial film capacitor
Available: 9753 in Stock

  4.7uF  16V Dipped Radial Tantalum Capacitor
4.7uF 16V Dipped Tantalum Capacitor
Available: 1013 in Stock

2N5088 NPN Silicon Transistor, TO-92
NPN Silicon Transistor
Available: 1319 in Stock

Aluminum Pointer Knob for .250" Shafts
Alco KPN-700A Aluminum Knob with index for .250" shafts
Available: 2 in Stock

    0.330 - .480uH Variable Unshielded Inductor
Adjustable Ferrite core
Available: 858 in Stock

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