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SD930 9A 30V High Current Schottky Rectifier
30 Volt, 9 Ampere Schottky Rectifier Diode
Available: 1092 in Stock

.47uF/400VDC radial film capacitor
.47uF / 400VDC radial film capacitor
Available: 435 in Stock

  220uF  35V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
220 uF, 35VDC 105 degree rated Radial Capacitor
Available: 701 in Stock

    3.3uH Axial Lead Inductor
3.3uH Choke Coil
Available: 588 in Stock

151-0261-00 Tektronix Transistor
2N3810 Transistor
Available: 90 in Stock

  3 pin Transistor Socket
3 Pin Transistor Socket
Available: 39 in Stock

CA3080E Transconductance Amplifier Integrated Circuit
Harris (now Intersil) OTA in an 8 pin DIP package.
Available: 191 in Stock

  680uF  25V Radial High Temp Electrolytic Capacitor
680 uF, 25VDC 105 degree Radial Capacitor
Available: 474 in Stock

 1000pf 3KV Ceramic Disc Capacitor
1000 pF, 3000V Ceramic Disc Capacitor
Available: 858 in Stock

TO-220 Three terminal regulator, +15 Volts, 1A
Available: 516 in Stock

120K Ohm 1 Watt Flameproof Resistor
2% Corning FP1 Flameproof Film Resistor
Available: 70 in Stock

RGP15-20 Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode  1.5 Amp 2000 Volts
RGP15-20 1.5A 2000V Fast Rectifier Diode
Available: 212 in Stock


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