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This Month's Specials
Vishay LCA0922 1800 ohms 2W Carbon Film Resistor

6 in stock, ready to ship

    .01uF / 100V polyester film radial box capacitor
Epcos .01uF/100VDC radial box capacitor

3002 in stock, ready to ship

151-0406-00 Tektronix Transistor
Tektronix Deflection Driver Transistor
Out of Stock

Black Mil Pointer Knob MS91528-01PB for .125" shafts
Raytheon Black Military Knob for .125" shafts

4 in stock, ready to ship

   15pf 3KV Ceramic Disc Capacitor NP0
RMC 15 pF, 3000V Ceramic Disc Capacitor

5 in stock, ready to ship


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